Hana 2019 / by BIlly Sauerland


I don’t do a lot of senior portraits, but when a friend and former coworker asks, I do them. But I am thinking of changing that. Two years ago, I did a portrait session for her son and this year I am photographing her daughter, Hana.

Hana was wanting to do do something a bit more creative and fun. I’m always up for different and fun. It often will force me to do something challenging. This took the form of a composited image. We had decided to meet at a local park at nine in the morning. I was hoping that the area we were to be shooting would still be in shade, but no luck, the sun was hitting it with all its morning glory. I wanted to get the shots needed for the composite first thing, before larger numbers of people started to arrive.

There were far more images shot than just these four, but these are the four images I used for the final composite. I wanted to take a minimalist route to the final image. I could have taken more images, but I find simple is best. After, working the images individually in Lightroom, I then combined them together in Photoshop, to do the final blending and fine-tuning the alignment, until I got to the final image.

The rest of the morning we spent walking the park, getting images in predetermined areas that Hana wanted to get an image in.

On all these images I followed a basic editing flow, maintaining the look and style of all the images. With that being said there were specific things that needed to occur with each individual image for it to turn out. But working within a general framework, I think I was able accomplish bringing out what was special with each image.