evergreen lodge

Lupine, one of my favorite flowers. by BIlly Sauerland


Lupine are one of my favorite flowers. This image was captured on a walk on Mud Lake Loop trail, a three mile loop through Stanislaus National Forest going around Evergreen at Yosemite Lodge. It links Evergreen Road to Mather, just outside of the Hetch Hetchy entrance to Yosemite National Park.

Details matter.

…not always better, but always different.

Getting down low and capturing something in a rarely seen way. Showing and bringing things to light in a new way, not always better but always different. That can be very difficult, finding different ways of doing something, trying not to repeat yourself, well at least not repeat yourself too often. Sometimes all it takes is to give yourself time, to stop and look around and be patient with yourself and the place you are in. In this way, photography for me can be a very meditative practice. Slowing yourself, calming your pace and allowing yourself to catch your breathe. Focussing on what you are doing and being purposeful with your actions.