365* Project...182.5 Re-Boot! by BIlly Sauerland


The 365project started strong in the beginning, I did have fears that it would not last and then ultimately it would fade and stop. That of course is exactly what happened, unfortunately I was unable to maintain the effort and I became distracted by other things going on in me life. The last month or so I’ve been thinking of a way to reintroduce and complete the project in a meaningful way. This came about through efforts I am making to restart my photo book as well. Evaluating what has lead me to this point, not having completed the projects I have started the last year. I began to refer to the last year, really the last two years as “year of the asterisks,” more on that later.

So that the numbers add up to what the original project would have contained, there must be an accounting of the missing images. So the idea of two images a day, beginning at the half way mark on day 182 or near the beginning of day 183. There are already 15 images posted for the project, one with an asterisks, there will be some forgiveness near the end of the year. As of right now I do not know what that forgiveness will be however for now I want to re-establish a regular regiment without too many variables to try to make it easier for the new routine to become established.

Exit Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward, AK

Exit Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward, AK

As I am working on this blog post I am watching “National Parks Adventure” on Netflix. It is a McGullivery Freeman IMAX film, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. Seeing images of National Parks featured in the program makes me want to take a big road trip so badly. One of my dreams has always been to travel the country and photograph all the parks. The tag line on my website, “Where I Go, What I See.” This is something that I have always held close, wanting to share what I see, what I bear witness to. From Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park to Bison in the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve north of Pawhuska, OK.

Bison, Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, Pawhuska, OK

Bison, Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, Pawhuska, OK

This, in a lesser way, is what I want to try and achieve with the 365* project, to share “Where I Go, What I See” on a daily basis. The images may not be grand or awe inspiring but they will be true and honest, to share the truth of the day and place.

With that, I move forward with true and honest intent to be open to what may come everyday until the end of the year and after. To not be re-active but pro-active in my efforts and outlook.

Revisit, Re-edit. Kenai Fjords National Park by BIlly Sauerland


Kenai Fjords National Park. I spent the day with my mom and niece out on a boat in the fjords. Watching for whales, sea lions & birds, the later made up the majority. However the landscape took the prize, it never let you down with its beauty and immensity.

I was revisiting images from that trip, this image particularly I like. But I do want to see it both in color and black and white. I think it will work in both versions.


This version shows the surreal aqua blue, lush greens and grey black stone that divides the scene. The bright coolness of the colors give a bright freshness to the air. While the clouds in the distance give a hint of mystery, making you wonder what is still to come.

During this trip into the fjords I was constantly reminded of a quote by Muir, “One learns that the world, though made, is yet being made; that this is still the morning of creation…”


The B&W version gives a bit of hardness that was not there in the color version. Relying solely on the textures of the foliage and the patterns in the water to convey the story of the scene. However this version, because of the lack of color, is mainly divided vertically between light and dark. Where the color version is divided both vertically and horizontally via the transition from various greens to grey and black to aqua blue.

With all of this being said I still like both versions. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Projects, Big and small. by BIlly Sauerland

Slabs of granite, mounted in a way that turns them into a giant Xylophone. The tones created were awesome and low.

Slabs of granite, mounted in a way that turns them into a giant Xylophone. The tones created were awesome and low.

New project, 365 Photography Project. A 365 Project is a photography project, you take one photo each day for a year on a subject of your choosing and share it with the world.

So, Why do it?
Taking a photo each day can be a big undertaking, however the payoffs and the sense of achievement at the end are great. Taking photos every day will improve your photography skills, there's no doubt about it, using your camera so much will help to remind you about lighting, composition. Forcing yourself to come up with new ideas and helping to inspire you to look at things differently and reimagine your composition and thoughts about the next image.

So if you decide to embark on a 365 project, which I hope you do, remember to start out slow, don’t get over whelmed with feeling the pressure from having to create a new image everyday.

I’m not really giving myself criteria to follow other than to take, edit and share an image everyday this year, thats it, simple and to the point.

365 Project: #1 : 1/1/2019


Gathering Place, I found these mirrored slats in an area with some other interactive elements. #dothework #goanddo #liveyourpassion #365 #365project #gatheringplace #tulsaok #travelok #oklahoma

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Lupine, one of my favorite flowers. by BIlly Sauerland


Lupine are one of my favorite flowers. This image was captured on a walk on Mud Lake Loop trail, a three mile loop through Stanislaus National Forest going around Evergreen at Yosemite Lodge. It links Evergreen Road to Mather, just outside of the Hetch Hetchy entrance to Yosemite National Park.

Details matter.

…not always better, but always different.

Getting down low and capturing something in a rarely seen way. Showing and bringing things to light in a new way, not always better but always different. That can be very difficult, finding different ways of doing something, trying not to repeat yourself, well at least not repeat yourself too often. Sometimes all it takes is to give yourself time, to stop and look around and be patient with yourself and the place you are in. In this way, photography for me can be a very meditative practice. Slowing yourself, calming your pace and allowing yourself to catch your breathe. Focussing on what you are doing and being purposeful with your actions.

New Site, new vigor! by BIlly Sauerland

This trail leads to the viewing area and the toe of Exit Glacier. The marker in the image denotes the location of the glacier in 1951, illustrating how far Exit Glacier has receded since then.

This trail leads to the viewing area and the toe of Exit Glacier. The marker in the image denotes the location of the glacier in 1951, illustrating how far Exit Glacier has receded since then.

Growing, and excited for things to come. I look forward to creating and sharing future images, stories and adventures with you on my new site. I am maintaining my previous blog for the time being. The link to it is just above in the sidebar, it will remain there until further notice.

Happy trails, and here we go, weeeeeee.....