365* Project...182.5 Re-Boot! by BIlly Sauerland


The 365project started strong in the beginning, I did have fears that it would not last and then ultimately it would fade and stop. That of course is exactly what happened, unfortunately I was unable to maintain the effort and I became distracted by other things going on in me life. The last month or so I’ve been thinking of a way to reintroduce and complete the project in a meaningful way. This came about through efforts I am making to restart my photo book as well. Evaluating what has lead me to this point, not having completed the projects I have started the last year. I began to refer to the last year, really the last two years as “year of the asterisks,” more on that later.

So that the numbers add up to what the original project would have contained, there must be an accounting of the missing images. So the idea of two images a day, beginning at the half way mark on day 182 or near the beginning of day 183. There are already 15 images posted for the project, one with an asterisks, there will be some forgiveness near the end of the year. As of right now I do not know what that forgiveness will be however for now I want to re-establish a regular regiment without too many variables to try to make it easier for the new routine to become established.

Exit Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward, AK

Exit Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward, AK

As I am working on this blog post I am watching “National Parks Adventure” on Netflix. It is a McGullivery Freeman IMAX film, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. Seeing images of National Parks featured in the program makes me want to take a big road trip so badly. One of my dreams has always been to travel the country and photograph all the parks. The tag line on my website, “Where I Go, What I See.” This is something that I have always held close, wanting to share what I see, what I bear witness to. From Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park to Bison in the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve north of Pawhuska, OK.

Bison, Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, Pawhuska, OK

Bison, Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, Pawhuska, OK

This, in a lesser way, is what I want to try and achieve with the 365* project, to share “Where I Go, What I See” on a daily basis. The images may not be grand or awe inspiring but they will be true and honest, to share the truth of the day and place.

With that, I move forward with true and honest intent to be open to what may come everyday until the end of the year and after. To not be re-active but pro-active in my efforts and outlook.

Projects, Big and small. by BIlly Sauerland

Slabs of granite, mounted in a way that turns them into a giant Xylophone. The tones created were awesome and low.

Slabs of granite, mounted in a way that turns them into a giant Xylophone. The tones created were awesome and low.

New project, 365 Photography Project. A 365 Project is a photography project, you take one photo each day for a year on a subject of your choosing and share it with the world.

So, Why do it?
Taking a photo each day can be a big undertaking, however the payoffs and the sense of achievement at the end are great. Taking photos every day will improve your photography skills, there's no doubt about it, using your camera so much will help to remind you about lighting, composition. Forcing yourself to come up with new ideas and helping to inspire you to look at things differently and reimagine your composition and thoughts about the next image.

So if you decide to embark on a 365 project, which I hope you do, remember to start out slow, don’t get over whelmed with feeling the pressure from having to create a new image everyday.

I’m not really giving myself criteria to follow other than to take, edit and share an image everyday this year, thats it, simple and to the point.

365 Project: #1 : 1/1/2019


Gathering Place, I found these mirrored slats in an area with some other interactive elements. #dothework #goanddo #liveyourpassion #365 #365project #gatheringplace #tulsaok #travelok #oklahoma

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The tags, what's up with the tags #dothework #goanddo #liveyourpassion by BIlly Sauerland

“Waking Forest” A view of the forest just below Glacier Point, along Four Mile Trail the day after the road to Glacier Point opened in Yosemite. The clouds in the trees moving in and out as if the forest was breathing, the disheveled look of the forest as if it had just lifted its head from a pillow after a long sleep.

“Waking Forest” A view of the forest just below Glacier Point, along Four Mile Trail the day after the road to Glacier Point opened in Yosemite. The clouds in the trees moving in and out as if the forest was breathing, the disheveled look of the forest as if it had just lifted its head from a pillow after a long sleep.

You may have noticed some hashtags that I use on a regular basis. #dothework #goanddo #liveyourpassion These tags are not merely random and meaningless words, to me they actually really mean a lot. Over time, they have developed into a kind of mantra that expresses the how and why of my photography.

#dothework : To do the work to continually grow and improve my craft and skill as a photographer and storyteller. Doing the work to educate myself not only on the technical aspects but all so to refine my aesthetic, to grow as an artist.

#goanddo : To go and do the work of creating and sharing the images and stories that represent the issues that are most important to me, and to try to inspire others to care a bit more about them, and maybe to even take action towards improving their little piece of the world.

#liveyourpassion : To always move forward, to continually push towards a better life to share and show this beautiful world through my images. And to hopefully inspire someone to action, to help protect this beautiful, fragile yet resilient world that we live in. To ultimately live a life of purpose and passion.

These are the things I try to live through my photography. Do I succeed all the time, no. Will I make mistakes and fail, yes. But I will learn from those mistakes. I will the next day try again, and again, and again until one day I do succeed. One day I do make a difference, however small of an impact, but I will move the needle forward.

Urgh, that got a little heavy, I also don’t like to take myself too seriously. Don’t forget to sprinkle a little snark in there for fun. Because, why else are we doing all of this.

Swan Taking Flight, Oxley Nature Center, Tulsa, OK. #goanddo #dothework #liveyourpassion

Swan Taking Flight, Oxley Nature Center, Tulsa, OK. #goanddo #dothework #liveyourpassion

Being mindful of the details... by BIlly Sauerland

Bees  are awesome, so be kind to the pollinators.

Bees are awesome, so be kind to the pollinators.

Spent some time outside today, I've been needing that for a while. Here in Tulsa, OK we are privileged to have such a great park, Oxley Nature Center. Its a wonderful place to spend time in the woods.

Usually when I come out here, I have a tendency to try and capture the bigger image, to give context although I try to pay attention to the details. This time I actually did focus on the details, I slowed down and took my time.

Pollinator population declines and conservation.

Pollinators provide a key ecosystem service vital to the maintenance of both wild and agricultural plant communities. In 1999 the Convention on Biological Diversity issued the São Paulo Declaration on Pollinators, recognizing the critical role that these species play in supporting and maintaining terrestrial productivity as well as the survival challenges they face due to anthropogenic change. Today pollinators are considered to be in a state of decline, some species, such as Franklin’s bumble bee (Bombus franklini) have been red-listed and are in danger of extinction. Although managed bee hives are increasing worldwide, these can not compensate for the loss of wild pollinators in many locations.

Declines in the health and population of pollinators pose what could be a significant threat to the integrity of biodiversity, to global food webs, and to human health. At least 80% of our world's crop species require pollination to set seed. An estimated one out of every three bites of food comes to us through the work of animal pollinators. The quality of pollinator service has declined over time and this had led to concerns that pollination will be less resistant to extinction in the future. (section from  Pollinator-Decline)

We can help and heres how, Million Pollinator Garden Network 

Beatles, pollinate too, like these Soldier Beetles. Its so important to try and protect all of our indigenous wildlife. All life flora and fauna fill a niche, even mosquitoes.

Spiders are our friends too. Spiders like this Orb-Weaver Spider do a great job at helping to maintain and regulate other insect populations. Just like a variety of Bat and Bird species.

Out at Oxley Nature Center, there is a lot of water. Either Sherry Lake, Eagle Creek, marsh areas and canals. While hiking along a canal leading from Sherry Lake to the High Line Trail, I found this Shortnose Gar chilling in the water and slowly heading the same direction as I was.

Whenever I visit Oxley Nature Center I usually see deer. Not always in the most advantageous to get a photo, but will usually see one or eight. This time I came across the Whitetail fawn, just hanging out feeding on some low lying greens and leaves.

Its not just about the animals and insects, there are moments when you just need to stop and breathe. And when you do, you slow down, and you really begin to notice the details, the little things that usually go unseen and unappreciated. The thistle pods were leftovers from the lunch of forest inhabitant. I almost missed them on the side of the trail the way they blended in with the rest of the litter on the forest floor. The reflections in the water bedding up on the lily pad hides amongst the hundreds of other pads in various stages of decline as we head into early fall.